S.POINT is a leading product innovation company. With over 20 years of innovation experience, we have deep understanding of the local market and a great deal of experience in product innovation. We are fanatical about discovering the real needs of the customers, finding unique market opportunities, creating innovative products and services solutions to meet client’s business targets. Our multi-disciplinary design and engineering team provide tailored product innovation solutions to the clients, making sure the launch date is always on schedule.

We also provide diversified innovative products for our clients, to meet the needs of upgraded consumer market, and provide comprehensive lifestyle solutions for the next generation. You can contact us for more custom-made product solutions or purchase “7” products on the landing page.



Our ultimate goal is not to collect trophies but to offer our best services to help clients grow their businesses.


    Kohler Airfoil Faucet


    Myrland Display System

  • 2008 RED DOT AWARD

    Fluke Electronic Material Measurement System

  • 2008 IDEA AWARD

    Myrland Display System

  • 2018 RED DOT AWARD

    Keda Video Conferencing System


    SANY Brand Identity


    Electrolux Air-conditioning System

  • 2013 - 2018 China Industrial Design Center


Team and Culture

Zhou Yi

Chairman, President and Chief Designer

Zhou Yi has 24 years of experience in the design industry and business management. Formerly the Vice President of the China Industrial Design Institute (Shanghai), Zhou is now the Executive Director of the China Industrial Design Association, a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). He’s frequent speaker at top tier design industy events and guest lecturer of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and East China University of Science and Technology.

Jiang Yiming

Partner and Vice President
With over 8 years of experience in innovation strategy, Jiang Yiming was formerly the director of operations for the China Industrial Design Institute (Shanghai).

Zhou Wen

Partner and Chief Financial Officer
With 16 years of experience in finance industry in China and North America, Zhou Wen was formerly the Investment Director for KPMG (China).

Gu Ying

Partner and Vice President
With over ten years’ experience in sales management and FMCG industry, Gu Ying creates value for brands through consumer research.

Zhou Lingyan

Partner and Vice President
Zhou Lingyan has more than 10-year experience in user research, design strategy and brand strategy. Her goal is to help clients find the best business solutions.

Georgios Marketakis

Managing Director
With over 12 years of experience in innovation consulting in US, Europe, and Asia, Georgios strives to use integrated digital strategies, consumer experiences and product innovation to create comprehensive service solutions that add business value for clients.